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Vitamin B12: Richest Foods for Vegetarians (per 100g)

Vitamin B12 plays a major part in protein synthesis.

Detailed list (Foods quantities are per 100g)
Top Vitamin B12 Rich Foods for Vegetarians
168%4µgskimmed milk (dry) (100g)
139%3.3µgemmental (100g)
135%3.3µgdry whole milk (100g)
95%2.3µgcheese, mozzarella, (52% water, 22.5% m.f.) (100g)
94%2.3µgcheese, parmesan, grated (100g)
79%1.9µgegg (100g)
74%1.8µgegg (fried) (100g)
70%1.7µgcheese, feta (100g)
69%1.7µgcheese, brie (100g)
67%1.6µgegg (boiled) (100g)
67%1.6µggruyere (100g)
66%1.6µgquail egg (100g)
64%1.5µgcheese, gouda (100g)
64%1.5µgcheese, edam (100g)
63%1.5µgegg (poached) (100g)
63%1.5µgcheese, port-salut (100g)
61%1.5µgcheese, muenster (100g)
58%1.4µgscrambled egg (100g)
54%1.3µgcheese, camembert (100g)
51%1.2µgcheese, processed, swiss (100g)
51%1.2µgcheese, blue (100g)
35%0.83µgcheese fondue (100g)
33%0.8µgcandies, bars, milk chocolate with rice cereal (100g)
33%0.78µgegg and cheese sandwich (100g)
33%0.78µgcheese pizza (100g)
30%0.73µgnachos with cheese (100g)
30%0.71µgsheep milk (100g)
27%0.64µgcheese, roquefort (blue) (100g)
25%0.61µgtaco (100g)
25%0.6µgcheese souffle (100g)
24%0.58µgegg custard dessert (100g)
24%0.58µglight vanilla ice cream (100g)
24%0.57µgwhole milk yogurt (100g)
23%0.56µgcandies, bars, kit kat wafer bar (100g)
23%0.56µgplain yogurt (100g)
22%0.53µgsnacks, popcorn, cheese (100g)
22%0.53µgcandies, m & m's plain chocolate candies (100g)
22%0.53µgpartly skimmed milk (100g)
22%0.53µglight yogurt (100g)
21%0.5µgskimmed milk (100g)
20%0.49µghot chocolate (homemade) (100g)
20%0.48µgtostada with beans and cheese (100g)
20%0.47µglight fruit yogurt (100g)
19%0.45µgwhole milk (100g)
19%0.45µgstirred yogurt (100g)
18%0.44µgcondensed milk (sweetened) (100g)
18%0.44µgyogourt (coffee and vanilla flavours) (100g)
18%0.44µglight fruit bottom yogurt (100g)
18%0.43µgyogourt (fruit bottom) (100g)
18%0.43µgegg custard pie (100g)

Abstract (Foods quantities are per portion)
Top Vitamin B12 Rich Foods for Vegetarians
77%1.8µgsheep milk (250ml)
64%1.5µgscrambled egg (110g)
57%1.4µgpartly skimmed milk (250ml)
46%1.1µgegg and cheese sandwich (140g)
46%1.1µgcheese pizza (140g)
42%1µgemmental (30g)
41%0.99µgwhole milk yogurt (175g)
36%0.85µgtaco (140g)
35%0.83µgcheese fondue (100g)
34%0.82µgegg custard dessert (125ml)
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